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Happy Holidays from the Urban Hound!

We are so excited to have so many guests here over the holidays! On Thursday, we decided to have some fun with our furry friends and get them in the holiday spirit!
george holiday
calvin holiday
Aggie May
Be on the look out for some New Year's fun next week :) In the mean time, if you need a place for your furry friend to stay next week, give us a call - we still have availability over the New Year!



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"The Urban Hound is the perfect home away from home for a dog like me to play, stay and have fun all day! I can't wait for more furry friends to come join me here at the best dog play zone in the Twin Cities. I look forward to meeting all of the new hounds that will spend their time here, and I am certain my dog-loving family will make your dog's time at the Urban Hound a wonderful adventure!"

Gus V.